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Light Housekeeping for Seniors in Wilmington, NC.

When you want to Age in Place, in your own home where you belong, our New Hanover County based in-home caregivers are happy to perform the basic cleaning and tidying activities that ensure a comfortable and safe environment. We are here to provide the help you need. 

Need Light Housekeeping?
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Light housekeeping involves tasks that help maintain a clean and organized living space for the individual receiving care.

It includes basic cleaning and tidying activities to ensure a comfortable and safe environment.

What tasks are typically included in light housekeeping?

Tasks considered light housekeeping include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, wiping surfaces, cleaning countertops, scrubbing floors, and even pet care. These tasks are meant to keep your living space clean and organized.

Does light housekeeping include changing bed linens?

Yes, changing bed linens is a common task included in light housekeeping. Fresh sheets and bedding not only contribute to a clean environment but also promote better sleep and comfort for the individual.

Is bathroom cleaning part of light housekeeping?

Yes, bathroom cleaning tasks such as wiping surfaces, scrubbing the toilet and shower, and cleaning the sink are included in light housekeeping. Ensuring that the bathroom is clean and sanitized is crucial for maintaining hygiene.

How is light housekeeping different from a deep clean?

While light housekeeping focuses on regular maintenance tasks, a deep clean involves more thorough and intensive cleaning of all areas of the home. Light housekeeping is typically done on a more frequent basis to maintain cleanliness, while deep cleaning is usually done less often.

How much does lighthouse keeping cost?

Age in Place provides light housekeeping as part of our regular Wilmington in-home care services at no additional costs. Home care is a flat hourly rate. Prices remain the same weekdays, weekends, evenings or holidays. 

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